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Delivering grilled dishes, including Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki!

Tessin in Omori

2 minutes walk from Omori station
iron-plate cooking restaurant “Tessin”
Not only the Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki of the signature dish , but also various types of okonomiyaki
The side menu is also substantial.
Please enjoy yourself.


Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki

Hiroshima-yaki "Tessin Special", a specialty of hearty, is the best menu!
In addition, you can enjoy a variety of menus from the classic “okonomiyaki” to different kinds.

Tessin special

We use Kujo leek, squid tenpura, “maximum koi egg” which is characterized by the richness of yolk, and buckwheat noodles ordered from Suzuki-Noodles in Yamagata Prefecture. Soba is boiled lightly and baked to finish the surface crisp. Enjoy with your own blended sauce.

Abundant dish

"Harami steak" is a gem to eat in our shop!
In addition, the roast beef, a Japanese black beef lean meat, is served on an iron plate. Seasoning is simple with salt only, so you can feel the sweetness of the meat.
We offer abundant items such as "grilled squid" and "oyster meuniere" using oysters from Hiroshima.

Drinks tailored to iron-plate cooking

Recommended Highball
Tessin's sake
Abundant liquor prepared by Tessin

Highball is offered in your favorite brand from more than 10 types of whiskeys.
A typical one shot is 30ml, but in our shop it is served at 45ml. Please enjoy one cup with strong carbonated drinks.

There are many other sakes that match the sauce taste, such as domestic sparkling, so please try it!

Our shop has been certified as a "premium master shop" where you can drink rich head of beer. Please enjoy "the ultimate beer that thoroughly focuses on the deliciousness and beauty of The Premium Malt's <Karuo>".

2 minute walk from JR Omori Station East Exit

If you want to enjoy delicious teppanyaki at Omori Station, go to tessin.

【business hours】
17:00~24:00(FOOD L.O.23:00、DRINK L.O.23:30)
[Regular holiday] Monday