List of dishes


Tessin salad 480 yen
Tuna salad 580 yen
Corn salad 580 yen
Shrimp salad 780 yen
potato salad 360 yen
Omelet-style sprouts salad 700 yen

Ala Carte

Spicy morokyuu(cucumber with miso paste) 320 yen
Chilled tomato 420 yen
Bean sprouts namul 320 yen
Kimchi 320 yen
cold tofu 320 yen

Cheese dish

Cheese roll

Leek cheese 500 yen
Egg cheese 500 yen
Large leaf pig cheese 500 yen
Corn cheese 500 yen
Tuna cheese 500 yen
Kimchi cheese 500 yen
Popular!Roasted potato salad 880 yen
Popular!Grilled potesara garlic pepper 880 yen
Potato cheese 820 yen
Nastoma cheese 880 yen

a la carte

recommendationGeso Tatsuta-yaki 580 yen
Homemade stewed beef 600 yen
Fried pork kimchi 620 yen
Corn butter 480 yen
Mushroom butter 680 yen
Stir-fried garlic sprouts 520 yen
tonpei-yaki 650 yen

Iron plate / a la carte

New menuKujo Leek and Casilla ajillo 980 yen
recommendationgrilled squid 580 yen
recommendationOyster Meuniere 1,280 yen
Popular!grated yam teppanyaki 680 yen
Popular!tonpei-yaki 650 yen
Cheese rice cake tonpeiyaki 880 yen
tonpeiyaki Deluxe 1,280 yen
Appetizer squid tenpura 200 yen
squid tenpura Special 250 yen
Corn butter 480 yen
Potato butter 520 yen
Mushroom butter 680 yen
Shiitake butter soy sauce 520 yen
Squid butter 920 yen
grilled eggplant 520 yen
Hormone grilled 680 yen
Grilled sausage 680 yen
Fried pork kimchi 560 yen
Stir-fried eggplant and pork miso 720 yen
Stir-fried chorizo and garlic buds 680 yen
Stir-fried garlic sprouts 520 yen
Stir-fried vegetables (miso / soy sauce) 680 yen
Tofu steak (Kujo green onion sauce) 680 yen
Green onion 680 yen
Green onion squid shrimp MIX 980 yen

Meat dish

Limited quantityHarami Steak-Popular menu of Tessin !! 1,500 yen
Japanese black beef roast beef 1,600 yen
Half size 850 yen
special tongue teppanyaki 1,280 yen
Stewed homemade beef stew 600 yen
Japanese black beef dice steak 1,600 yen
Domestic pork loin steak 980 yen
sukiyaki 2,500 yen
W 4,800 yen
Reservation onlyA5 Japanese black beef sirloin 300g 5,500 yen
Reservation onlyA4 Wagyu Ichibo Steak 150g 2,600 yen

fried noodles / fried udon

Fried noodles 800 yen
stir-fried udon 800 yen
omelette noodles 900 yen
Salt fried noodles 800 yen
Miso fried noodles 800 yen

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki

nikutama(with soba or udon) 950 yen
nikutama without noodles 850 yen
Tessin special (with soba or udon)・ Kujo Leek ・ Squid tenpura ・ Fried egg 1,500 yen
LimitedJumbo okonomiyaki・ Mochi W ・ Cheese W ・ Ooba W ・ Soba Triple, Egg Triple 3,500 yen
Monday to Thursday Limited quantityTessin Quattro Formaggi・ Tomato ・ Special sauce with several kinds of cheese 2,000 yen

∗ we can offer Half size okonomiyaki(Please refrain from ordering customers in groups).



Vanilla Icecream 340 yen
Vanilla ice double 580 yen
Matcha ice cream 340 yen
Matcha ice double 580 yen
Black honey, kinakoTessin ice (vanilla or matcha) 420 yen
Vanilla & Matcha 580 yen

∗ Price excludes tax. When ordering separately, a table charge of 200 yen will be charged.
You can take your food home! (50 yen for container fee)
We also accept reservations and telephone orders. Feel free to help yourself.

2 minute walk from JR Omori Station East Exit

If you want to enjoy delicious teppanyaki at Omori Station, go to tessin.

【business hours】
17:00~24:00(FOOD L.O.23:00、DRINK L.O.23:30)
[Regular holiday] Monday